About Beit al Bawadi
Like all JOHUD's operations, Beit al Bawadi is about people. JOHUD invests in local talent, providing worthwhile employment to more than 60 people from vulnerable groups. Through Beit al Bawadi, JOHUD enhances traditional crafts and celebrates the culture of the region. 
The ceramics workshop
All the Bawadi ceramic lines are created in a workshop located in South West Amman near JTV studios. The workshop houses a complete integrated medium-scale ceramics production line – where all the operations are individually managed and supervised by specialist artisans: design, clay mix, bisque, painting, glazing and marketing.

There are more than fifty people working in the factory and another fifteen in the Bawadi showroom. A unique aspect of the JOHUD ceramics operation is that it provides training and 'sheltered' employment to vulnerable groups where their particular needs, skills and talents can be nurtured in a supportive environment. There are currently 5 people with special needs working in the operation – fully trained, engaged in productive work that is personally satisfying as well as financially rewarding. Bawadi artists are proud of their skills – our 'sheltered' ceramics workshop is unique in the region.

The Beit al Bawadi showroom
The main outlet for Beit al Bawadi ceramics is through the showroom in Abdoun in west Amman. Located in a beautiful villa, in a prime location just off Cairo Street, the Beit al Bawadi showroom is easy to access and has excellent parking facilities. Visitors to the showroom can select from a wide range of Beit al Bawadi ceramics, displayed in an attractive setting that allows potential buyers to visualise how these desirable items will add a unique flavour to their own home or office.

At the Beit al Bawadi showroom customers can browse at their ease, admiring the ceramics and the range of complementary products on display: delicate embroidered cushions and wall hangings.

Packaging and Labelling unit 
The Packaging, printing and labeling unit is a labour-intensive effort that combines effective deployment of industrial equipment, professional creativity, and skilled labour. The overall objective of this unit is to support the competitveness, profitability, outreach, and sustainability of socio-economic industrial and vocational projects undertaken or supported by JOHUD. The specific objectivie of establishing the unit is provide value-added packaging, printing, and labelling to the high-quality ceramics products produced by Qwara Ceramics factory and marketed through the Beit Al Bawadi showroom and other venues. 
Products include premium handmade art lines (Bawadi line), high-end corporate promotion items, seasonal items (Ramadan, Christmas, Easter, Spring) industrial hospitality lines, and art murals. 
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