Manufacturing Ceramics

Our Ceramics:
Our Ceramics is designed with the whole house in mind. From large urns for the porch to intimate afternoon tea sets, from ornamental mural plates for the lounge to brunch dishes, our ceramics are produced for decorative purposes as well as for the table.Our production range includes wall hangings of various shapes and sizes, lamps, vases, flower pots, urns. We offer full dinner sets comprising plates, bowls, cups, Arabian coffee cup,turkish coffee  cups jugs; almost any item from the largest serving platter to the smallest egg cup! Utensil holders, kitchen jars and spoon rests form the core of pieces for use in the kitchen.  

The unique pleasure of each individual item

Every item in our ceramic range is handmade and hand painted. Our painters are all artists with backgrounds fine arts, who often also develop new designs or work on adaptations of traditional patterns. Every pattern is free hand painted. This fact guarantees our customers that every item is an individual work of art, and that even within the unity of a dinner service each piece of pottery is unique. 

Manufacturing Ceramics: 
Step by Step Production Process

The first step is to add water to clay to moisturize it ,and then placing it onto the kneading machine to form clay sausages .
Afterward bubbles and water are evacuated from the sausages. 
The clay sausages are formed by one of the following three forming equipment depending on the final shape required: 
  • Manual Jigger
  • Press
  • Casting
Manual Wheel
Clay are placed on a manual wheel adding small amount of water to moisturize the clay to be easily formed the required shape.
Manual cleaning and trimming
Manual operation is performed to remove any residual material within the final clay pieces and then the pieces is left to dry
Dotting :
Designs and decorations are manually drawn and dotted on the piece.
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Bisque firing 
The dried pieces are placed into the klins and heated at 1000C.the pieces produced in this stage are called biscuits.
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Drawing and colouring
Each piece is individually hand painted, allowing the personal style of each painter to appear. The paints are made from natural minerals and by mixing them in our own studio we are able to obtain a broad range of tonalities, which distinguishes our work from other ceramics
Coloring and Glazing
Bisque are sprayed with colors or glazed. Each piece is dipped into liquid glaze, which we prepare ourselves, and when entirely coated in the glaze it is left to dry for a day or two.
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Glaze firing 
The colored and glazed biscuits are placed again in the kiln to assure the colors permanence
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Adding Gold:
Stripes of gold are manually added if required
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Adding the decal on a glazed ceramic surface Decal designs are created in specialized computer software and  print it on decal paper.
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Overglaze firing:
The gold painted ceramic items are placed again in the kilns to assure the colors permanence.
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